10 Golf Training Aids That Are Proven To Improve Your Game

Golf is a challenging game and tests players both mentally and physically.  It is true that not every golfer has aspirations of playing on the PGA tour, wearing a red shirt and black slacks during a final round on Sunday on national television.

Indeed, some players just want to be able to hit the ball straight and enjoy the company of their fellow golfers after a hard day or week of work.  Regardless of what your golfing goals are, utilizing today’s golf training aids can help you become the golfer you want to be.

In this article, we outline ten top golf training aids offered on Amazon to improve a golfer’s (1) swing, (2) striking, (3) chipping, and (4) putting.  Depending on what part of your game you need to improve, this article can serve as your guide toward making your golfing rounds more enjoyable.

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Top golf training aids

Improving Your Swing with Golf Training Aids

The single most popular golf training aids on Amazon are products that can improve your swing.  This should not be surprising, given that nearly every shot you take during each round will depend on your swing (absent your putting, of course).

With dozens of options, this article compiles the most highly rated products to save you the time and hassle of conducting your own research.

Golf training system

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

Pricing: High

Key Features:

  • Gain 5%-8% in Swing Speed: This training product makes the body move faster during a known swinging movement to help golfers readjust each golfer’s normal swing speed.  This is accomplished by golfers beginning with the lighter club to immediately create a faster swing.  Then golfers increase the weight of the club to build strength and speed.
  • Product Variety: This product includes three specifically-weighted clubs (20% lighter than a driver, 10% lighter than a driver, and 5% heavier than a driver) to increase your clubhead speed by 5% in 6 weeks.
  • Sustainable Practice: Training only takes 10 minutes three times per week to see results.
  • Used by Professionals: The asserted #1 swing speed training system in golf and used by more than 600 tour professionals worldwide.
  • Five Levels of Online Training: Freely available for viewing, this product includes two years’ worth of training material to help golfers increase their clubhead speed through five levels of protocols.
  • Improve Balance: This product can increase a golfer’s core stability, decrease power production through a more fluid swing, and in some cases, reduce pain.

Ratings:  4.7 stars out of 5 and 755 global ratings.

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Golf Swing Trainer

Greatlizard Golf Swing Trainer

Pricing: Low

Key Features:

  • Improves Swing Mechanics: This product improves a golfer’s swing tempo, helps build muscle strength, and helps golfers deliver a more consistent shot off the tee.
  • Increase Strength: The product’s weighted head assists golfers by putting more weight into the backswing, thus allowing golfers to be properly aligned.  This product helps improve muscle memory, strengthen your swing, give you more power, and ensure better club control.
  • Tempo: Swinging this product repetitively creases a low-impact stretch to increase each golfer’s flexibility and range of motion.  The product’s exaggerated flex creates a slight lag at the end of a golfer’s backswing to create a tempo.
  • Sustainable Practice: It is recommended to swing this product around 10 to 20 times per day to improve your swing.
  • Quality Materials: This product is durable and made to last that is environmentally safe.
  • Universal: Golfers that golf left or right can use this product.
  • Size Guide: This 48-inch trainer is recommended for individuals 5’6″ or taller and more advanced, while the 40 inch product is ideal for those under 5’6″ and those who are more novice golfers.

Ratings:  4.6 stars out of 5 and 1,061 global ratings.

Golf Swing Training Aids

Hicocool 3-Piece Suit Golf Swing Training Aids

Pricing: Low

Key Features:

  • Swing Angle Aid: Assists golfers hold a right wrist angle during the swing.
  • Stabilizing Arm Aid: This product restrains a golfer’s right arm, which helps maintain correct posture, encourages correct muscle memory habits, and restricts a golfer’s tendency to have a “flying elbow.”
  • Flexible Sleeve: A flexible sleeve for anyone of any size or body type.
  • Waterproof Material: Can be washed and air-dried.
  • Pack of Three: Sold in packs of three, this product can be shared among family and friends without restricting your training.
  • Body Check: This product keeps a golfer’s arms and body in one fluid motion through the entire swing and follows through.

Ratings:  3.8 stars out of 5 and 385 global ratings.

Golf Training Aids

Gagalileo Golf Nets for Backyard Driving

Pricing: Mid-Range

Key Features:

  • Easy to Assemble: This golf net’s open size is 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall by 6 feet deep. Set up time is very easy and takes just two minutes to set up and then another two minutes to pack away.  The golf net can be assembled indoors or outdoors.
  • Quality Material: This golf net is made from both Oxford polyester and nylon netting that is designed to withstand low-intensity chip shots to drives.  The product purports to last forever. Furthermore, the fiberglass support rods are very light (only a third of the weight of traditional iron pipe) and do not rust or deform over time.
  • All Skill sets: Appropriate for all ages, this golf net can be used by any golfer level and offers a large open area to reduce the chance of any golfer missing the net itself.
  • Target Included: In the middle of this golf net is a helpful target to assist golfers with the accuracy of their swing.  This is a new feature and may only be available for a limited time.

Ratings:  4.3 stars out of 5 and 1,078 global ratings.

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Swing Speed Trainer

WINNERSPIRIT Real Swing 300, Golf Swing Training Aid

Pricing: Mid-Range

Key Features:

  • Optionality: A golfer can use any club-woods or irons and adjust the Real Swing 300 to any three height adjustment levels to practice hitting the ball straight.  Left or right-handed golfers can also use the product.
  • Easy Replacements: Requiring no batteries, this product has replaceable parts, although the produce asserts that the ball can be hit thousands of times before being replaced.
  • Preventing Head-up: Most golfers tend to pick their heads up too soon to see where the ball will go.  This product is a great practice tool for that problem – because the ball is attached to the product, the ball never leaves the sight of the golfer with their head down.
  • Correcting Swing Position: After a golfer strikes the ball attached to this product, the golfer will know whether the swing position is straight or if the ball would slice (go away from the golfer) or hook (go toward the golfer).
  • Space Conscious: Because this item is so small, golfers do not need much space to practice their swing.

Ratings:  4.2 stars out of 5 and 170 global ratings.

Improving Your Striking With This Training Aid

Although a golfer’s swing is important, the swing will be for naught unless the golfer hits the ball correctly.  Luckily, there are top golf training aids to assist golfers with this common frustration.

Golf Training

Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid, White

Pricing: Low

Key Features:

  • Swing Path: When a golfer addresses the flatball, it looks like a regular golf ball. But the flatball is much harder to hit if a golfer does not have the correct swing plane.  When a golfer becomes good at hitting the flatball, a golfer will never hit a real golf ball “fat” or “thin” again.
  • Outcome Focused: The flatball, a flexible flat puck that is the same diameter as a real golf ball but is only ¼” high, helps golfers who have too steep or shallow of a golf swing.
  • Use Anywhere: Because of the soft, flexible material, the flatball allows golfer to practice their full swing inside or outdoors without worrying about damaging property.

Ratings:  4.3 stars out of 5 and 1,283 global ratings.

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Improving Your Chipping with Training Aids

Not everyone hits the ball from the tee to the fairway and then to the greens.  Most likely, on nearly every hole, someone in your group needs to chip onto the green.  To avoid embarrassingly overshooting the green (or worse, taking a chunk of grass rather than your ball toward the hole), these simple yet effective tools can help you perfect your chipping placement.

Best golf training aids

GoSportsChipster Range – 3 Piece Golf Chipping Practice Net Target System with Carrying Case

Pricing: Low

Key Features:

  • Three Part System: Includes three different chipping targets (12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches) for golfers to practice their chipping game at varying distances and directions.
  • Easy Assembly: Setup takes a matter of seconds.  And when the golfer is done practicing, the targets can be easily packed away in the carrying case.
  • Use Anywhere: Whether practicing indoors or outdoors, golfers can use the chipping targets (using golf balls or foam balls) to perfect their midrange game.

Ratings:  4.7 stars out of 5 and 1,375 global ratings.

Training aids

GoSportsTri-Turf XL Golf Practice Hitting Mat for Indoor Training

Pricing: Mid-Range

Key Features:

  • Large Surface Area: 24″ by 24-inch tri-turf golf hitting artificial grass mat can help you master your midrange chipping game, along with your drives and fairway shots.
  • Variability: With three different artificial types of grass (fairway, rough, and driving), not only can golfers focus on their chipping, but also their driving shorts.
  • Use Anywhere: Whether practicing indoors or outdoors, golfers can use the artificial grass mat to perfect their midrange game or drives.

Ratings:  4.7 stars out of 5 and 602 global ratings.

Improving Your Putting with Aids

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts about golfing is missing a put nine times out of ten you know you could make.

With the following two golf training aids, you will be able to confidently and consistently make putting one of the strongest aspects of your game.  As Shooter McGavin recently said during the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Happy Gilmore, “drive for show, putt for the dough.”

Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Pricing: Low

Key Features:

  • Easy Use: Poor alignment is the major cause for golfers missing their putts. To resolve this issue, golfers on the putting green can practice with this product by putting the alignment mirror down on the ground, lining up the mirror toward the hole, confirming that the setup lines are pointed toward the hole, and using their putter to perfectly strike the ball.  With enough practice, this putting mirror will create confidence.
  • Tour Proven: The golf putting alignment mirror has been the most used putting aid in the PGA Tour for three years straight.
  • Easy Storage: The putting mirror measures 12 inches by 6 inches and comes with a black carry bag.
  • Gate Options: The putting mirror has the option of putting up gates for the toe and heel of the putter.  This allows golfers to learn to swing and create the perfect contact in the center of the putter face.  This will also increase the probability of making difficult puts in the future.

Ratings:  4.6 stars out of 5 and 854 global ratings.

Putting mat

Loowoko Wood Golf Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return System

Pricing: Mid-Range

Key Features:

  • Portable: This putting set can be folded and stored away for easy transportation.
  • Use Anywhere: Whether inside or outside, a golfer can practice putting it at home, at work, or anywhere outside.
  • Return System: After the golfer makes the put, the ball will automatically roll back toward the golfer.  Therefore, the golfer no longer has to chase the ball or manually retrieve it from the hole.
  • Measurement Accuracy: The mat contains measurements that are 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet away from the hole.  This accuracy allows golfers to get comfortable knowing how much force to put into their swing to avoid overshooting the hole.
  • Quality Material: With a true roll surface and a non-slip bottom, this putting green mat will ensure that golfers receive training on material that will be similar to the greens they put on during their actual round.

Ratings:  4.7 stars out of 5 and 454 global ratings.

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Golf accessories


Utilizing highly rated golf training aids can transform your golf game and help make each round more enjoyable. From swinging, striking, chipping, and/or putting, every golfer has an area of their game that they can improve, and the products highlighted in this article can help you on your way to lowering your score.

In addition to improving your score, many of the products discussed herein can help increase how long you will be able to golf. For example, many of the golf training aids for working on a golfer’s swing is meant to strength your muscles and create a fluid swing.

Now that this article has presented what golf training aids most golfers prefer to use, you can train with confidence knowing that with some hard work and perseverance, you will be on your way to improving your golf game for years to come.

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